Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hi,I'm Annie.

Hello,I'm Annie. I was born in England,but I live in Wales.
Now,first I shall tell you AG-related stuff about me:
I have three AG dolls - Alexandria (JLY #12),Bitty/Bethany (Hispanic Bitty Baby),and Chrissa.
As for AG dolls I want - EMILY! Need I say more?
My favourite AG book is Brave Emily.
After I get Emily,I probably won't get any more AG dolls.
I love Emily. (Are you tired of hearing about Emily yet? :P Too bad if you're tired of listening to me talking about Emily,because I ♥ her. ;P)

And here's Non-AG stuff that I just feel like mentioning here (:P):
I'm Atheist (I don't believe in a god or gods) - but I can get along fine with people who believe in a god or gods,so long as we don't discuss anything to do with "religion" too often.. (Putting "religion" in quotations because Atheism isn't really a religion.) UPDATE: As of the 28th of December 2013,I am now Christian.
My favourite TV shows are My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot.
if someone uses "your a great friend" instead of "You're a great friend" or "to much" instead of "too much" I almost always correct them.
I believe in unicorns,fairies,and mermaids.
I'm left-handed.
I can sew.
I can knit (not very well though),but I can't crochet.

My next post will be an AG-related book review (a review of Brave Emily,of course). ;)


  1. Great!!! To create your profile you can copy the questions I used and make a post but don't post it. I will put your profile on the profile page.

  2. Cool!
    There's a giveaway at my blog:
    It's open till June 25th! :D