Saturday, April 20, 2013

Abbie's Bloggerific Book Reviews, AND a super surprise!

Even though I was the one who did the intro post, and nobody else has posted, I though I should do a post to keep our readers entertained. But I couldn't decide between the surprise I had planned, or a book review.   So doing both sounded fun! Now on to the book review,

Today I will be reviewing;

Photo credit given to American Girl,

Lady Margaret's Ghost, a Felicity Mystery, 

This book was very good. It was, a bit scary, but not scary enough that you couldn't go to sleep at night. It was certainly a page turner, and the illustrations were quite nice, but Felicity was a bit out of character. And I don't even think Elizabeth was mentioned in the story. But still a very nice book, I would recommend following rating 9+, because it might be a bit intense for some girls. Granted I was allowed to watch the (rated PG 13) Iron Man movie when it came out, I was only five or six then. But back to the book review, Certainly a good buy, glad I bought it while it was on sale a while back. :) And for those of you who haven't read it, do so, it's a really good book. 

Now that the book review is over, let me give you my surprise,

Shout out your blog, with funny fashion Elizabeth!
To enter a blog just comment it, and I will post it here! Let me start by posting my two blogs,


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