Sunday, April 21, 2013

Erin's Introduction!

Hello everyone!
My name is Erin, and I am the Australian American Girl Fan, all the way from down under!
I am 13 years old (Born 11th October 1999) and I have 4 American Girl Dolls, Mackenzie Indiana Everson (MAG #39), Kira Eloise Everson (Marie-Grace), McKenna Renee Brooks (McKenna) and Kate Sarah Mitchell (Saige).
My Kate!

I'm music obsessed. Can't get enough of it. So far, my singing obsessions at the moment are Florence + the Machine (8th Natural Wonder of the World), Sarah Blasko (9th Natural Wonder of the World) and Owl Eyes (Her real name is Brooke Addamo, and she's the 10th Natural Wonder of the World!).
Don't they look just like angels!? (fangirling, much!? Erin, control yourself!)

I'm an aspiring actress and author. My dream job is to be a music journalist.
I have a little ADORABLE baby brother named Ryan, who is three years old (big age gap eh!?).
This little boy means so, so much to me!

If I had to describe myself in 3 words, they'd be unique, creative and friendly.
I'm a very formal, planned out person. I don't take spontaneous things easily.
I've got a very crude, twisted sense of humor, so beware (insert evil face).
My favourite colour is purple. Any shade of purple I love!
I'm what people consider a "grammar Nazi", so don't let me catch you using poor grammar (heheheh!!!)
I'm a very heartfelt, emotional person. I can get emotional quite easily, which is a good trait to have, isn't it?

To leave off this horrible, terrible introduction, I'll leave you with a photo of baby me and 12 year old me (a recent photo will be soon, just as soon as I can find one!).
Well, I do hope you enjoyed this very lame introduction of mine!


  1. It was really nice to know you better Erin! You look adorable in the pic!~


  2. Awesome!! Can't wait to see the profiles you girls make!

    1. I can't seem to make a profile. Apparently I'm only authorized to being able to make posts? How can I do it?

  3. Hmm.... How about this, create a post with your profile in it, but don't post it. I will just copy and paste it onto the profile page!