Sunday, April 21, 2013

Asmita's Introduction

Hiya everyone! I was inspired by Erin's introduction,so here is one of mine :) I am Asmita,from India. I am 11 years old as (21st Jan 2002) There are no really American Girl Fans in India,so I feel great. I love pink,anything sweet,shopping,reading and writing. 

My fave food is Pizza,Selena Gomez is my idol I think she sings the best and is gorgeous. My dream job is to be a very famous writer,I am sure I will achieve that dream :) :)
I am a big book worm.
This was I guess all about me,below you can see two pictures one of me and one of my American Girl doll Mckenna <3
:) :) :)
Me posing!
This blog has achieved 5 followers and 76 views in 3 days,YAYY :D

Bye,have a good day. Hope u liked my introduction!


  1. Thanks for your introduction Asmita!

  2. Yes thank you!! And I can't believe our blog has achieved that in like 4 days!